Ricia L. Maxie

Calm the Body, Quiet the mind



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Calm the Body, Quiet the Mind

Ready to change your life?

Learn to access the quiet treasure of your mind...
Enrich your life - Rejuvenate your body...
Escape from negativity -  Enhance your creativity...
Increase your joy - Sleep like a baby...

Calm the Body, Quiet the Mind has four guided meditations:

• Calm the Body, Quiet the Mind
• Wastebasket
• Breathe
• Sleep Deeply

Calm the Body, Quiet the Mind takes you through a gentle body relaxation while simultaneously allowing the mind to let go of thoughts and concerns.

Wastebasket releases worries, cares, and concerns from the mind using a visualization process of allowing those concerns to bubble up and out of the head into a wastebasket.

Breathe rhythmically teaches a person to breathe differently...to learn to pull in the breath, hold it, breathe it out, then hold the out-breath using various counts up to ten.

Sleep Deeply is designed to do just that—help you to relax, let go, sleep deeply, and wake up refreshed.

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